System Features

Use computer's power of CPU and GPU.

For calculations in the Binarium network, processors and GPUs of user video cards are used for general computing: Artificial Intelligence, rendering and other common calculations.

Distributed calculating system on computers connected to the network.

Tasks and their parts are distributed among the network users, together they form a single super-computer with large processing power and size of RAM.

Financial motivation of the network users.

Buying the Binarium on exchange and paying with it awards to the network employee for performing calculations are in a larger size than when performing mining during the same time.

Application of Artificial Intelligence for solving practical problems.

Production optimization, determination of equipment wear, financial analysis, determination of parameters of agrotechnical processes, analysis of data from customers, visitors and patients, Information Security and other areas.

We use Artificial Intelligence to build models of various processes for building forecasts, classifying, finding process parameters for required results, and other tasks in practical areas based on large volumes of statistical data.

Work with industrial and financial companies in Russia and around the world.

We are focused on working with large industrial and financial companies, as well as organizations working in other areas, in Russia and around the world. To solve real practical problems to improve the efficiency of processes and transition to new methods of data analysis and management organization.

Low cost implementation of computing in the network.

Distributed computing has a lower cost than buying servers, renting them, or renting Cloud computing power. Thanks to this, we have made them available for both government agencies and large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for small companies, private entrepreneurs, and for people personally, as well as for scientific and educational institutions and students, who often do not have large budgets for leasing computing power.

Highly available performance for all types of tasks: from industry to medicine and science.

Tasks are formed on the central Universal Binarium Server, workers are connected to it and receive tasks or their parts. With a large network size, workers will parse all the available tasks, and all the time, when they are not loaded with general calculations, they will produce the usual mining cryptocurrency Binarium. Thanks to this, the network will be able to efficiently perform any number of tasks: from small single tasks to a large work flow, among which there may be large tasks.

The ability to connect computing power to existing applications.

We create a specialized virtual device driver for general computing, which will allow you to connect network computing capabilities to any existing application: without the need to write new applications, modify existing ones, or write additional modules for them.